Encanto Real Installs Automatic Transfer Switch to Ensure Water Supply

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Encanto Real, in coordination with Water District Management of Texas, recently completed the installation of an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to keep the District’s water supply up and running during power outages. The ATS functions by immediately transferring the power source for the community’s water pumps to the on-site emergency back-up generator when there is a power outage.

“Installing an ATS is a smart move for Encanto Real when you consider the threat of hurricanes, heavy rain and flooding, and other situations that may cause a power outage. The immediate activation of the ATS will definitely benefit the residents of Encanto Real,” said John Escamilla with Water District Management.

Residents of Encanto Real may remember the lack of water during Winter Storm Uri. The water pumps were inoperable due to the inability of personnel to navigate the roadways to the water plant in order to activate the emergency back-up generators. The ATS will automatically activate the emergency back-up generators without requiring personnel to be involved.

“As a director of Encanto Real Utility District, I am excited that we, as a community, are being proactive to keep our residents safe and to deliver the quality of life Encanto Real residents expect and deserve. The ATS is the type of equipment that residents may never see but will definitely appreciate having in place in our community,” said Bruce Burkhardt, President of the Board of Directors of Encanto Real Utility District.