Encanto Real UD: Operator Highlight

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As a resident of Encanto Real Utility District (Encanto Real UD), The Board of Directors wanted to let you know more about the great work of our District operator, Water District Management (WDM), and how they went above and beyond to ensure our residents had uninterrupted service of both water and wastewater during a recent power outage.

On the evening of June 28th, Encanto Real UD had a storm roll through the District causing a complete power loss for the District facilities. The first step that WDM took was to open an interconnect between Encanto Real UD and North Hampton MUD to share water and maintain water pressure in the system. As soon as the interconnect was opened, WDM focused on moving the District’s generator from the Water Plant to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

When they arrived at the Sewer Plant, they assessed the situation and found the storm had knocked down a tree across the access to the plant. WDM team members had to act quickly to get the tree removed and restore power back to the Sewer plant. Unfortunately, North Hampton MUD lost power shortly after WDM reactivated the sewer plant, necessitating WDM team close the interconnect and bring the generator back to the WWTP.

Water District Management team members remained on-scene for the entire night, monitoring the situation and adjusting to ensure that both the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Water Plant were both running at best possible capacity throughout the power outage. WDM’s team ended up staying on-site until 2 p.m. the next day, when power was ultimately restored.

As a resident, you might have seen a brief drop in pressure over the night of June 28th, but the Encanto Real UD Board of Directors wants you to know that they, along with WDM’s team, made an incredible effort to continue to provide both water and wastewater services through the entirety of the storm.

Encanto Real Utility District is thankful for all the hard work that Water District Management continues to do in order to help each of our resident’s service continue during power outages and other events that may occur within the District.

Update 8/18/2020: Encanto Real UD has since made arrangements for generators to be in place, ready and available at both the Water Plant and WWTP in case of a power outage in the future.

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